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By Registering with Lystabook, you agree that you have read and accept our User Agreement, you' are at least 18 years of age, you consent to our Privacy Policy, and agree to receiving marketing communications from us. Your Credit Card will not be charged until & unless an item you listed for sale fulfills a sell.  (Please See Terms & Conditions regarding fees and remember, there are NO FEES for any classified listings.)  If User select special ANY listing features, User may be charged the specified fee in our Terms & Agreements.  Again; all Classified Listings are absolutely FREE!!!  

(TUTORS) -  As Lystabook provides a service that brings students together with tutors advertising professional skills, we encourage all tutors to submit to an annual background check through Lystabook for the safety of the student and for a better standing with potential buyers but; it is not manditory.  Lystabook will email a completed background report to the registered tutor and maintain a copy in our records.  Lystabook will not provide the completed report to any individuals other than the tutor.  The buyer may request to see a copy of the background report from the tutor prior to purchasing service, and at the tutor’s discretion, may decline fulfilling that request.  Lystabook displays in a tutors limited open profile the status whether their background is (Not Clear & Incomplete, or it is Clear & Completed).   Although Lystabook does not require any tutor to submit to a background check with Lystabook, a (Not Clear & Incomplete) status could adversely affect your credibility with potential buyers.  If a tutors wishes to submit to a background check, the tutor must email to initiate the process.

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